Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Rapper, DMX Welcomes New Child, You Will Not Believe How Many Kids He Has

If you think 2baba own too much for having seven children from different women, him own na play. Earl Simmons AKA DMX has officially doubled what 2baba has... He has just welcomed his 15th child with his long time girlfriend, Desiree Lindstorm.

She gave birth to number 15 on friday in New York last week.

According to TMZ:

"DMX has a challenge most parents would find daunting ... remembering the names of all of his kids, which now number 15. The baker's dozen plus 2 was born Friday in NYC ... weighing in at 6 lbs, 10 oz.

"His name -- Exodus Simmons. The mom is X's longtime GF, Desiree. It's her first child.

"The rapper missed the delivery -- he was in Arizona when Exodus popped out. But he flew to NYC for the baby's first night in the world.

"X tells us he's overjoyed, calling the baby a "blessing." 

"Lots of blessings. "

In an interview earlier this year, DMX admitted he had fathered children with a total of nine women. He selected them, he said, "just like a dog. I sniff the a**. I wag my tail."

Prodded on whether his children knew each other, he replied, 'Some of them have met others.' He qualified: 'I ain't a total piece of s***. I ain't have kids in the same county. Yeah, I snipped up. I got a few in New York; I got a few in Cali.'

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