Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Read Inspiring Story Of a Primary Five Drop Out Who Is an Inventor

While some Nigerians will be sitting down in their houses and be wondering when the government will better their lives, others are busy getting something reasonable doing which has potentials of giving them money and/or fame. 

Ironically, this little child who dropped out of school in primary five can become one of Nigeria's finest inventors if he is properly trained.

A good Samaritan spotted young Bisi in Ekiti at a public event, and was fascinated about the things he created. 

Read his story below:

While in Otun-Ekiti a month ago, I met Bisi a young scientist, innovator and inventor. Bisi is from a poor family in Aiyegbaju-Ekiti, his mother operates a grounding machine and sells goods harvested from her farm. His father is a mechanic, he repairs motor cycles (Okada).

Where I sat at the ceremony I went for, I saw Bisi trying to call attention of people he believed could give him money by using his hand made fans to genarate cool breeze for them.

What drew my attention to him was the material he used to make the fans. The fans were made from Soap Case, Aluminum sheet, Wood, VijuMilk Containers, Plastic Pipe, Paper, Wire and other materials he picked around and assembled. The fans are operated with small tiger batteries and are perfectly working.

Later that day I spoke with Bisi mother who told us that Bisi is out of school. He stopped going to school in primary five and walks around the town picking materials for his hand inventions and take them to ceremonies to raise money for his poor mother. This is evidence in the fact that Bisi trekked from Aiyegbaju-Ekiti to Otun-Ekiti where myself and Ibukun met him.

Bisi is no doubt a child with so much potential and can be a great scientist and inventor in nearest future if given opportunity to go back to school.

All ye adults who have abled bodies and energy to get your acts together, what is your excuse???

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