Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Relationship Talk: Guys, Things You Should Not Do When You Meet Your Girlfriend Friends

In the course of progression in a relationship between a man and a woman, there would come a time when your woman would want you to meet her female friends as part of advancement in the relationship.  

Usually, she does this to get opinions from her hommies to know if he is qualified to date her or not. Since first impression matters a lot, there are certain things you should never ever... (wetin you hear me say? Ehen now you sabi) do in front of her friends to be given the red card among the female clique.

The points would be itemized below:
  1.  First of, a man should show a form of interest in her friends. Now don't get me wrong. He should be sort of interactive and can be able to hold a decent conversation, no matter how awkward it might be. Do not overdo in getting to know them though, it might just send the wrong vibe to any of her friends which can lead to unpleasant endings.
  2. The man should also be generous. Only stingy men would fault this... Ironically,  the quickest way to get almost instant acceptance from her friends is when you show you can spend a little to ensure their outing is memorable. Even if your girlfriend is thinking of leaving you, her friends will help reset her brain to ensure she loves you the more. Besides if you are reluctant in paying the bills for drinks and stuff, you would be looked as cheap in the eyes of her friends.
  3. Be the bigger man: There is no way you would be in the midst of her friends and they would not do things to irritate you. They could be deliberate, sometimes its not. The man should be able to curtail such behaviours through his woman (not in their presence though). He should talk to her when alone to drop the koko about things you do not like about her friends. She would know what to do to curtail such behaviours that would ensure a peaceful co-existence.
  4. There are times your woman would talk to you about certain behaviours of one of her friends or the other. No matter how bad they might be, it is not in your place to bring up such discussion when you are with that lady. Just shrug it off as one of those things. It just shows that your woman has confidence she can confide in you and you will not ameborlize upandan.
  5. A man should be able to act like a big brother around them. I did not say you should provide their needs but you should be able to there be for them anyhow you can (not obligatory sha). He should be able to protect them even when one of those yeye boys want to misbehave around them. Women love it when a man plays the hero around them.
  6. Last but not least, if you cannot gel with any of her friends, it is not a bad thing to abstain from them as much as possible. Not  everybody's blood jam perfectly and you can ensure you can do things with your woman without involving them in your lives.
This comes to an end of this topic. Is there anything you would want to add, subtract, multiply or divide? Drop a comment lets debate...

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