Thursday, 25 August 2016

See Disturbing Moment Pest Controller Got Strangled By a Python on Live TV (PICS)

What initially would have been a regularly day at work could have turned tragic as a tv host was wrapped around his neck by a python in his show.

Pest controller, Craig Freeman in Australia almost got killed by a python via strangulation while he was in his reality TV show.

Craig Freeman, who runs his company, "Stop That Pest" was filming an episode in Deadliest Pest Down Under where he was trying to get rid of a python disturbing the peace in a home.

Before the action began, the whole crew were busy cracking jokes and laughing to the heart content. It was on set that the snake got a hold of his neck and squeeze itself tight around him. Lucky him, he was able to get himself free from the animal.

He told Birmingham Mail:

When I saw the snake I told them they were having a laugh,”  

“The snake’s head was bigger than my hand.

“The camera man had to rest the camera on his knee because he was bent over double laughing so much.I don’t like snakes or spiders or anything like that, I’m terrified of most things.“I work in pest control but I hate all those types of things.

“I didn’t want to do it, and I just went to pieces.

“I kept thinking of myself on the news, getting strangled by a python on TV.“But I thought to myself that I can’t let the Brummies down back home.“I went to grab it and it went for me. It throttled me.” 

Tha pain... Tha Horror!!!

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