Sunday, 21 August 2016

Story: Plight Of a Stranded Woman

A woman was at work when she received an urgent call from her baby sitter that her daughter was critically ill at home. Upon hearing that, she sprang onto her feet to drive home to see her daughter.

She dashed into the pharmacy store first to see drugs she could get for her. When she got to her car, she discovered she had locked her keys in the car.

This made her confused as she knew she would need at least thirty minutes to drive back home due to high traffic and unforeseen events. She called the baby sitter to know how far? she was told her daughter was getting worse.

She informed the sitter of her current predicament and the lady suggested she get a long pin to try and jab the door open. When she scouted around, she was able to find one but she knew not how to use it, as per amateur things. With that, She decided to pray to God to give her a helper.

All of a sudden, An old rusty car pulled up with an old dirty looking man noticed her and pulled over. In her mind she was like "God is this what you sent to help  me"?

The man came over and asked what the matter was. She explained her keys were in the stuck in the and did not know how to get it out. She then showed him the pin she found and asked if he could use it.

The man collected it and in less than ten seconds... poop, the door was open.

Despite his appearance, she was over-excited and gave him and big hug and told him "Thank you so much...You are such a nice man".

The man intercepted and told her that:

"I am not a nice man... I just got out of prison today from car theft and it has been barely an hour i have been free".

She did not send.. She still hugged him again and said "Thank God for sending me a professional".

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