Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Strong Woman!!! Nigerian Student Graduates and Marries The Same Day (PICS)

When one is planning something and the clash, sometimes one tend to postpone one and face the other squarely. But nooooo.... This woman has proven that she can use one stone to kill multiple birds and use it to hammer nails on a table as she was able to graduate from school and get herself hitched to her bobo on the same day.

The woman pictured above, Anu Yusuf, studied LLB in Law at Birmingham university on the 27th of July. She was able to bag a first class degree. She was able to make this happen when she went with her husband, Joseph Kolawole Ola to Birmingham Register office to seal their marriage deal hours before she could make arrangements to go for her graduation. This was at about 10a.m that day.

Anu and her now husband – Joseph Kolawole Ola, aged 27 – met four years ago in Gombe while working as part of Nigeria’s National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), and their subsequent engagement was prolonged as a result of her coming to study in the UK.

In an interview, she said:
“My husband often joked that he would whisk me away after my graduation to marry me because he can no longer wait. So, we decided to marry on my actual graduation day! 
“Romance aside, it certainly worked well logistically too, as it meant that our relatives only had to travel once for both occasions. We both have family all over the UK and we were conscious of taking up too much of their time and for all the added expense in making the same journey twice.”
The wedding was given time up for the couple at about 1pm when she ran away to change to her graduation gown. She arrive Birmingham city around 2pm to collect her degree.

I can imagine the stress she went through. Kind of remind me of how i wrote post jamb, same day with my secondary school graduation and i attend both well!!!

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