Wednesday, 10 August 2016

This BBC Presenter Apologizes To Nigerians and The World For Slandering Us

BBC show anchor/presenter, Aaron Heslehurst, a while back reported news of a past president who spent the sum of $31.3 million on a cake for a single past Nigerian president, which he said was baked by popular British baker, Mich Turner.

This raised a lot of controversies about which president spent a whooping 9 billion naira on top ordinary cake and PDP and APC supporter had been lashing each other like as if they were born to do that.

Later on, the same Aaron came back to tweet about how he dished out wrong information and apologized for his error in exaggerating the figures.

Via his tweeter, he wrote thus:

We understand that the nature of the broadcast industry is very tedious and demand immediacy in dissemination of news but haba, slandering a country with unverified facts for a global news mogul is annoying. Later they would be lamenting how unprofessional we can be.

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