Thursday, 4 August 2016

This Beautiful Female Graduate Is Now a Shoe Maker (PICS)

As country hard pieces, if you do not have a form of vocation skill attached to your degree, hunger go waya you. This beautiful lady, Michelle Ekure, who hails from Delta state has decided she would not remain unemployed and has delved into the shoe making business. As in this is one work that a lady would say 'its meant for men'... She has broken the jinx.

The lady in question is a graduate of the department of International Studies and Diplomacy from the University of Benin.

In a recent interview with  Wazobia Global Times USA, she gave details about her life and her shoe making ordeal.
Read below:
  • Lukomon : So Why shoemaking?
Michelle : My inspiration is from God, I never knew I would be a shoemaker. I graduated from the University six years ago, after which I looked for for job, but to know avail. At sometimes I got employed by a company in Lagos, but the boss was owing too much so I left.

On how it started, there is this other company I buy sandals in Lagos and resell. They sell nice shoes, so one day I thought to myself that I can tell this people to make sandals for me with my label,  so I approached them and they said yes. That was how I got my first set of shoes. Then a friend introduced me to a guy that makes shoes. I watch him make shoes one day and I was amazed then I asked him to teach me and he did.
  • Lukmon : That's a lovely beginning.
Michelle : hmm. Thanks
  • Lukmon : So how do you drive sales and who are your target customers?
Michele : My target audience are Men of honours, people like the famous Nigerians comedian . I  make direct sales, but I drive more sales on social media platforms likeinstagram, facebook and twitter. Micheleleather sales per week is over 50 pairs.
  • Lukmon : Wow! That's a great number. You must be a workaholic. Do you have partners?
Michelle : No, maybe someday. But I have people that are learning under me.
  • Lukmon: How many are your apprentice?
Michelle : There are about 6 of them and more are still coming.
  • Lukmon : Talking about the Nigerian famous comedian Alibaba. We've seen pictures of you with him. Are you in anyway related?
Michelle : No we're not related, but he is like a father to me. He always want to see me succeed.
  • Lukmon: So, if not shoemaking, what would you have ventured into?
Michelle : Maybe work at foreign affairs of British council or UN  embassy. I love to be a diplomat .
  • Lukmon : Hmm. That might come to pass one day.
Michelle : Yeah. (smile)
  • Lukmon : So,  what's your advice to young ladies that are yet to find there ways out there?
Michelle : I always tell people I come in contact with that are looking for job to start something, anything you are good at can bring money to you or just learn a trade.
  • Lukmon : Is there anything else (e.g unpopular fun fact about you) you’d like to add that might be interesting to our readers ?
Michelle : Hmm... Let them find out. I'm a very interesting person be with though, I have my moment.
  • Lukmon : Thanks for your time, we appreciate chatting with you.
Michelle  : You're welcome lukmon. 

Hmm ladies, let this be a source of inspiration... You have read about female mechanics in Nigeria. With this one in addition, who says you cannot do other tough handiworks men do. I'd love to see a female vulcanizer or undertaker someday. lol

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  1. Thank God for taking the bull by the horn. cos when the going gets tough the tough gets going. Carry on and let them say but the end will justify your struggles

    1. Yes oooo I believe. I admire her determination to succeed.