Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Whoa!! Check Out This Bus That Drives Over Cars (PICS)

Asia, the one continent where they come up with ingenious technologies to make their lives easier. Engineers in China have been able to invent a massive bus called TEB, which is so tall that it can house a number of cars under it without stress.

In a bid to evade traffic which is a major problem in Chinese cities, they made this with its amazing height by providing enough space for cars to pass underneath. The width of the bus is as wide of two lanes of a road which does not make it have a problem of bumping into in car from any lane. This way, the driver would drive without even bothering of traffic problems.

It is  22-meter-long, 7.8-meter-wide and 4.8-meter-high which can contain 300 passengers in it with sufficient space for all.
This week, it underwent its first road test in north China's Hebei Province.The TEB has already attracted interest from governments in Brazil, France, India and Indonesia, it has been claimed.

Last last, we can call this a hybrid of a train and a bus, except it has no business with a rail.

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