Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Why Do Nigerians Pronounce The Same Word Twice?

Come ooo, in most of our Nigerian slang, we tend to prnounce it more than once to give it meaning. You wondering how? Check out these Nigerian words and see for yourself:

Magu magu
Cry Cry
Follow Follow
Yama Yama
Puff Puff
Chin Chin
Kuli kuli
Waka Waka
Moi moi
Jedi jedi
Sharp sharp
Yori yori
Soki soki
Gbomo gbomo
True true
Lie lie
Borrow borrow
Fear fear
Touch touch
Talk talk
Holy holy
Jigi jigi
Jaga jaga
Kia kia
Maza maza
Scatter scatter
Poto poto
Kabu kabu
Look look
Wuru wuru
Pala pala
Worry worry.

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E be like say this thing dey our blood pieces:

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