Sunday, 7 August 2016

Woman Dumps Fiancee For a Another Man, You Won't Believe What He Did To Her

Sometimes when you have something good going for you in your relationship, it is better to stick to it than chooking head into another one that can ruin you. This is exactly what happened to Louise Chesney, 24 when she decided to dump her fiancee for a Jamaican.

Louise and her fiance, Paul, 48 were all set to get married when she met a young Jamaican dude. Because she had a form of attraction towards him, she decided to break off her engagement with run and eloped with Caffery, 25.
Caffery began to wash her brain with pitiful stories of how his family was poor and could not afford the basic necessities of life. She felt pity on him and spent thousands of pounds to ensure his life better small. She even spent time to ensure he gets his visa work for him to base there temporarily. Love can be crazy sha.
Then suddenly, Louise claims she discovered that her Caribbean Casanova had been cheating on her with two other women. She was left distraught, homeless and fearing bankruptcy.

She even had about three thousands pounds debt because of his and claims she had invested about £10,000.

Awwww too bad... Check well, this guy's ancestral lineage must be from Nigerian. Same sense with what our boys do. lol... But can we call this karma?

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