Saturday, 10 September 2016

Did Your Parents Ever Tell You Any of These Myths?

Personally, almost ten of these i have been scared by my parents not to do... last last, they were all wash.

See if you can relate:

*You must not eat from a cooking pot else your complexion would be as dark as charcoal.
* If a child crosses over a pregnant woman's stretched out legs, she'll birth a baby that has the child's bad characters.
* If you sit on the mortar, your butt will swell.
* Singing to a flying egret would make your nails have white dots.
*It's forbidden to look in the mirror at night else you'll see demons or evil spirits.

*If you beat a boy with a broom,

his penis would shrink. Most men still avoid being beaten by a broom till date for fear of having a shrunk penis.

*Sleeping with legs on the wall

means you are a witch.

Being caught in this position by anyone means you have gone to attend a witchcraft meeting.
*You shouldn't walk backwards because it's only ghosts that do.

*If you eat the eye of a fish, you

will become a dullard. Most Nigerians still detest eating it till date.

* Whistling at night invites

snakes into the house.

Children were also warned to avoid blowing whistle at night for same reason.
* If it's sunny and raining at the same time then a lion is giving birth.

*When a child looses a milk tooth, it's to be tossed on a roof with seven stones else it would never grow back. 

Add your own...

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