Sunday, 18 September 2016

Eeeehen??? See What This Newly Wed Couple Gave Each Other As Wedding Gift (PICS)

While couples give each other nice gifts to each other on their wedding day, this couple decided to give each other an interesting gift such as a  live Burmese Python, which is among the top five largest specie of snakes ever.

Wu Jianfeng, the groom gifted his wife a male 30kg Burmese python (20kg away from bag of cement) while his bride, Jiang Xue gave him a female 15 kg Burmese python. Common sense go tell person say na love they feel for each other in their soul dem dash demselves.

See more pictures of them after the cut:

Well both of them are animal right activities by profession so little wonder why such gift... But chai to hol am sef go hard person....

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