Thursday, 29 September 2016

Ehya... Check Out This Man With Facial Deformities (PICS)

This 53 years of man from China, Xia Yuanhai, has been diagnosed with having hyperplasia. What this ailment means is that he has extreme enlargement of his tissue which changed the structure of his face and also crush his bones. It also made him deaf.

His brother, Xia Yuanchang narrated what happened to him. He says that symptoms of hyperplasis developed in him not from his childhood, but when he was a full fledged adult. 

When it was being noticed, their parents ignored the signs due to fear it would be something expensive to treat.

After many years, his brother now wants to raise funds to ensure that surgery would be done to cure his deformity.

See more pictures of the brother after the cut: 

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