Friday, 30 September 2016

Guess Who Has 100 Million Followers on Instagram (PICS)

Keep calm... I doubt any Nigerian celebrity can reach that feat for another like 5 years at least. 

Well an American actress and singer has been able to get up to a whooping 100 million people who follower her on her instagram handle... And it a'int any of the Kardashians, as popular as they are.

Find out who in a single picture below:

This is the amount as screengrabbed as at the compilation of this news post. See amount abeg!!!!

She must be doing a good job of ensuring her instagram account does not get hacked because her profile is really a gold mine where you can reach virtually every country in the world without doing much.

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  1. Look Beautiful... Awesome pic ^_^ Instagram is readying a new feature that will let users combat harassment or inappropriate content in their comment feeds.