Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Hey Guys, Meet Khoudia Diop, a Black Model

If you think she rubbed charcoal on her skin, rest assured that is her natural look.

This lady, Khoudia Diop is from Senagal, a literal black woman in complexion who is a model. Due to the colour of her skin, she is popular called 'Melanin goddess'.

She works as a model in Paris and New York and her complexion has gotten her alot of attention all over the world.

I come dey imagine if i fit see her for night if light no dey. lol.

See more pictures of her below:

Her boyfriend

Her Boyfriend again

I admire the fact that she does not allow her complexion get to her from comments of people.. She is bold men.....

It just goes a long way to show that nobody can demean you for who you are. Rather, you who you are to achieve great things you know you can achieve in life.

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