Thursday, 22 September 2016

Jokes: Akpos and The Mad Man

A mad man was standing beside a chemist shop. Akpos walked in and was complaining to the chemist man saying "doctor,my head is aching me seriously for two days now.

The madman walked in and said "i knw how u feel!" akpos was astonished.the mad man continued  and said "sometimes it will be as if ten men are playing army drum in ur head? akpos: "yes that's true".

The conversation went on like this:

Madman: and it will be asif ur head want to falldown?
Akpos: yes you're rite. 
Madman: and you will be seeing things double?
Akpos: yes you are correct. 
Madman: and sometimes you will be seeing tins in b negative way? 
Akpos: OMG! that's true.
Madman: when you see fire it will turn to river and if you see waste bin it will turn to paradise in your eyes? 
Akpos:jesus! that's is serious big truth. but how come you know all this things? 
Madman: na so my own take start, you be my brother to be. congratulations! 

Akpos fainted

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