Thursday, 1 September 2016

Jokes: Akpos And The Naija Police

Akpors and his friend Ofego had some chores to do, but they had been putting it off, due to laziness. One day they decided to call a police station near them.

AKPORS: “Hello, Is this the Nigeria Police?”
A voice from the other end replied, “Yes. And asked, ”What do you want?”
AKPORS: “I’m calling to report my neighbour Ofego. He is hiding drugs in his firewood at his backyard.”
POLICE: “This will be noted.

The next day, the police came to Ofego’s house. They searched the shed where the firewoods were kept, cut every piece of the firewood into two, found none and left.

Akpors called Ofego on the phone.
AKPORS: “Hello Ofego! Did the Police come?”
OFEGO: “Yes!” He replied.
AKPORS: “Did they cut your firewoods into two for you?”
OFEGO: “Yes they did.” He replied.
AKPORS: “Okay! Now it’s your turn to call the police. I want my land to be cleared.”

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