Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Jokes: It's Me!!!

You know sometimes a pastor in the church when he receives the anointing will begin to utter statements like '...there is someone in here who...', to reveal the person's fate and destiny. Sometimes it is a form of prophesy to a member in the church.

A member in the congregation did not allow him finish his statement when he kept on interrupting him by shouting 'its me'.

Read how it worked against him:

Pastor: There's a man here!
Man in the crowd: It is me!
Pastor: I repeat, There's a man here!!! 
Man in the crowd: It is me oh!
Pastor: I say there's a man here!
Man in the crowd: It is me and my family, I claim it.
Pastor: They have been sucking your
blood for 5 years now. Man in the crowd It is not me! 

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