Monday, 19 September 2016

Lol See Ridiculous Excuse Cheating Man Gave His Girlfriend For his Love Bite

Sometimes a man and a woman might be in a heated bedroom collabo where the woman at her height of enjoyment, can bite him in the process. Unfortunately for Alex, his side chick bit him so hard that it is something he could not hide easily.

He decided to hit up his main babe via her snapchat handle to provide lie lie ministry of what happened to him.

Read his message below:

"Babe don’t get mad! I got to show you something."I told my dad yesterday I was gunna see you today and he thought it would be funny to jump on me to wake me up and he gave me a hickey (sic).
"I was like really! This b**** is huge!!! My mom said I look like white trash."

See photo evidence below:

Alex's girlfriend did not buy the story and replied 'Alex you got me f**ked up".

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