Monday, 19 September 2016

Reasons Why You Must Buy The New Iphone 7

  1. It Costs About N500,000 
  2. You can email your ancestors, ping your village deity.
  3. If you hold am, you no go ever hungry again. 
  4. If you misplace it in a cab, it will automatically find its way back into your pocket.
  5. If ugly person send you request, e no go enter.
  6. It can tell you which member of your family dey disturb you.
  7. You can connect the bluetooth to transformer to get light.
  8. It can be used as bomb detectors. 
  9. It can be used as mosquito (insect) repellent.
  10. It makes everyone look at you as rich boy or girl even when you are trekking. 
  11. It vibrates if someone is lying, 4real!
  12. It can tell you the real father of a child.
  13. It can detect if your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating.
  14. It prevents unwanted pregnancy, just put it in "protection" mode.
  15. You can use it as AC.
  16. You can use it as a weapon if you are attacked by armed robbers.
  17. It can show you the way to paradise with the advanced GPS.
  18. It can be used as ATM.
 So my dear reviewers, do you see the need for you to buy?

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