Monday, 19 September 2016

See What This Woman Offer Thieves Who Kept Breaking Into Her Car

On a normal day, when a person always get bad omen of thieves always breaking into her cat and stealing stuffs, the logical thing to do is to report to the authorities to see how justice can be served.

But this woman decided to make the thieves an offer in a way which is unexpected.

Sam De-Sillery, a single mother decided that she would hang a notice on her fence to tell them what she would give them in exchange of her safety and security.

See below:

The notice reads:

"For those who keep breaking into my car, and keep smashing my neighbour's car windows , we are all doing it tough, If it's food that you need, I will feed you. If you need warmth I have rugs, but most of all I can be your friend."

People are optimistic that the thieves will receive sense and come to a compromise with her...

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