Thursday, 29 September 2016

See What a Woman Did To Her Husband's Mistress (Before And After PICS)

A man can cheat on his wife... For as long as she does not know the identity of the sidechick, little physical damages would be incurred. If the woman is able find the lover, na only God fit separate them.

Imagine this fine lady who was beaten so bad and dumped in the streets for having coital relations with her husband. She was found by passersby as she was severally beaten up with some missing teeth in her mouth, Sina reports.

Reports from Chinese media state that the wife hired four men to do her dirty work of ensuring that her beauty is being disfigured with heavy blows and beatings. She was also said to be abducted for several days where she received hell on earth.

The woman however, refused to disclose how she came out with such massive injuries on her face.

See photos of how she used to look like before the attack.

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