Monday, 5 September 2016

Social Implication Of Having a Fake Butt

There is a certain status given to a woman who has a big butt by both men and women. She would be rated as a big girl who everybody wants to be around with.

This is why women do lots of things in their power to ensure they increase its size, either the natural or the artificial way. Unfortunately, the use of silicon and wearing of ass clothes are the reigning order of the day 

Ladies would then undergo operations to ensure their @ss game would get as big as two king size pillows or water melons just to cause trouble in town.

Lets dust aside the health implication of how the @ss loses value if the silicon bursts, i want to write on its social implication if ladies over do the operation.

1. Abeg ladies, if you want get a massive butt, please do it while considering the your leg. You would see a lady with thin legs with big back which would make her look funny and easy to make fun of, especially when it would seem obvious that it is fake.

2. Health is wealth. As you age, you body would not be able to cope with the toxins the silicons release into your body.

3. It is not every man that likes a big buttock. Some like them big, some like them medium, others love those that are as flat as plywood. If you think you are advancing the size of the butt to attract 'all' men, you will end up driving some guys who would have loved the original you.

4. The best form of sexiness is confidence. The way you carry yourself determines who would want to be around you or not. It is not all about the big butt. The guy that would still use and dump you will still slide in and do his thing.

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