Friday, 9 September 2016

These Little Boys R*aped a Year Old Girl... You Won't Believe What They Did To Her After

These little boys age 4 and 8 are allegedly involved in a scandal of r*ping a little girl of a year old. This incident happened on wednesday in Mundemba, Ndian Division, South West region, Cameroon.

According to reports, after they defiled the little girl, they also allegedly dumped her in a pit toilet which resulted to her death.

After their arrest by the Cameroonian police, they confessed to the dumping her. Medical reports suggest that the little girls' genitalia were destroyed after the r*ape.

But come ooo... they are just little boys who cannot get an atom of erection as a result of konji so how will it function  to penetrate her, not to mention destroying her reproductive organs that were a developing work in progress.

Another school of thought suggest that an adult used them to cover up his acts and allow them to put her in the toilet.

This wicked world sef!!!!!!!!!!!!

See video below of their interrogation with the police

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  1. The rate of rape is getting too much to the extent tht teenagers, infants are now involved what a wonderful wind that is blowing in the world