Tuesday, 27 September 2016

You Will Not Believe What This Teenager Did For Love (PICS)

Sometimes in order to win the heart of a lady, a man can pull certain risky stunts to capture her attention, which could make her develop feelings for him. 

This is what a young teenager did by falling from a 23 floors building to make that kind of magic work.

Alexander Shadrin was in love with a certain lady and eyewitnesses who saw what happened narrated he climbed the railing of his balcony, 23 floors high when he made the jump to win his crush.

He could not hold on to the rail for too long when he cap-sided wayyyyyy down which made him land on a car.

Though he suffered serious injuries, he was conscious enough to witness paramedics come to his rescue and is now under intensive care.

But kai see risky risk abeg. If she no gree nko? Him don enter original gbege be that. Thank God say he no die sha....

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