Sunday, 2 October 2016

Jokes: Akpos The Beggar

Akpos wife was in labour in the hospital,so he decided to go to the road to beg for money. While Akpos was on the road, a rich man came and gave him #1000

Akpos:- Oga this money won't be enough because my wife may give birth to twins

Man:- OK add this #1000 to the money to make it #2000 ( the man gave akpos extra #1000)

Akpos:- With God everything is possible . my wife may end up giving birth to 3 kids. 
Man:- OK add this #1000 (the man gave akpos #1000 making it #3000)

Akpos:- thank you very much sir but my wife is very fertile so she may give birth to 6 babies.

Man:- then add this #1000 to the money.

Akpos sister then ran to meet akpos in the road and told him that his wife gave birth to 15 babies consisting of 7 boys and 8 girls.

Akpos:- Oga you heard the news your self so just give me your ATM card.

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