Sunday, 16 October 2016

Awww... Check Out How This Lad With No Hands, Eat By Himself (PICS + VIDEO)

Scientifically, if a person loses a part of his body, another part would get stronger to handle the work of a lost part.

This video shows how a little kid who lost both arms, is able to feed himself with the aid of his legs.

What he does is to put his cutlery in between his toes for support, insert it in his food, then lift his legs to reach his mouth.

Really, nobody is disable, they are just unable to do normal things.

See more touching pictures + video below:

The video has since been trending and people have been pouring out their emotions in sympathy to the plight of the kiddo.... Inspiring.. Where are those lazy people who always claim they can do nothing? Coman learn!

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