Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Barack Obama Reveals His Wife Would Do This To Him If He Runs For President Again

US President, Barack Obama in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live! has revealed what he says his wife, Michelle is capable of doing if he decides that he would go for a third term for the presidential ticket.

According to him, he jokingly revealed that his wife will divorce him if he ventures into politics again. as she gave him a stern warning against that.

He said:
“Personally, for me, if I were able to run for a third time, Michelle would divorce me,” Obama joked as the crowd burst into laughter. “So it’s useful that I don’t have that choice to make.”  
“[Michelle] is spectacular but [she] was never wild about politics,” Obama said. “Michelle once explained to me: ‘I try to organize my life not to have a lot of mess around and politics is just a big mess.’” 
Their daughters Sasha and Malia are also on board with mom. 
“All the women in my life are looking forward to being able to live a more normal life,” Obama admitted. 

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