Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Blog Reader Narrates About The Increment Of Crime Rates in His Area

This story is actually quite alarming for residents in Kaduna state as I have been getting a lot of inside gists about the increment of crime rate in various parts of the state.

We all know some of the reasons for such but I wonder what the idea of children, who are below the age of 15 be involved in armed robbery… As in literally.

A blog reader narrated how in the span of two days, his area in U/Makama, located behind DIC was being ransacked by different robbers who came at different times to steal stuffs in the area.

According to him, these occurred on Sunday and Monday. The run down will be delivered in subsequent paragraphs.

On Sunday morning, a family went for morning mass like they do on a regular. Unfortunately, a little boy saw it as an opportunity to burgle their house to see what he could steal for the day.

During his operation, he was spotted by a passerby who is popularly called 'Mai Ungwa', wanted to apprehend him. As a little child, he thought it would be an easy task to do.  Little did the man realize that this ‘kid’ was armed with a knife and stabbed the man on his neck. He was rushed to Government Hospital in Kakuri for treatment.

The boy on the other hand was caught and severely dealt with for his actions.

In roughly 24 hours after that, two robbery attacks took place just last night from 12a.m-4a.m in the same locality where an attempt was made by robbers to whisk away with plasma television sets and motor bikes (Wayo Kudina), but they were not successful.

The robbers were chased in the early hours of midnight but unfortunately, he escaped by the area and disappeared in thin air.

Upon investigation, he was traced to be one who stays in Gonin Gora area. When the people of U/Makama went to fetch him from his home, they were told that he did not spend the night there. It so means he has been into hiding since he failed robbery.

At the moment, residents in U/Makama are now living in fear that they could become a target for another possible robbery

People of Kaduna, it is certain that things are hard at the moment and money is not exactly what it used to be. Security agencies should be on the lookout for people who go out late at night as they are suspects for potential robberies.

May God help us all….

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