Monday, 3 October 2016

Is She Just Being Insecure? What Would You Advise Her?

Story is kind of twisted though... Even in marriage, there is no peace of mind as a man or woman is unsure whether another person can come from behind and do some robbery.

Kwatinu reading below:

Personally though she is exhibiting normal womanly behaviours... It is awkward for a married man to go out with his PA to her church on two occasions. 

For the man and his employee to go out means there is a form of intimacy going on between them (might not necessarily be s*xual), but he is really attached to her ways. If care is not taken, he might mistakenly cheat as konji no send whether you get ring for finger.

Instead of always querying him cos he would never accept anything, there is a way she can carefully monitor his activities or even come spend time with him in his office. That way, guilty conscience suppose catch the corper and make her reduce the way they hang out.

Hanging out in his office too much sef, plan date nights, make special meals on a daily, evoke the romance between them if it seems to be lacking. He might just be using the corper to fill out the gap between he and his wife.

Ok now am talking too much, what says you? 

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