Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Jokes: Akpos And The Sales Girl

There is this fine girl that work as a sales girl in a boutique close to Akpos house. It happened that the girl resumed work newly in the place.

One day, as Akpos was passing, the girl smiled at him and he smiled back with surprise. He was shocked that she smiled first. The next day, the same thing happened. It kept happening for days as he always passed by the boutique daily.
Akpos developed interest in the girl but he is a shy type. He did not know how to approach her. He woke up one day and concluded that he must toast the girl that day. "After all she is not going to kill me." he said to himself.

In order for him to look good he went and bought new dress.

As he was going to the girl’s shop in evening with the new dress, the girl sighted him and started laughing. When he got there he says “Hi fine girl, I can see you like me”. She kept on laughing.

This made he wonder what was going on. He had to ask: “what’s making you to laugh?”. After several minutes of laughing she then say to him “I thought you had only one cloth”.

Akpos who is very shy on a good day concluded he would not approach any girl for a long time...

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