Thursday, 20 October 2016

Jokes: Are These Facts?

1. WEALTH is when you buy a 1st class return ticket to the UK just to pick a dress.
2. TROUBLE is slapping a soldier in front of a barrack.
3. FAITH is using the last money with you to buy a wallet.

4. IRONY is a chairman of an okada association driving a range rover sport...
5. WISDOM is marrying your landlord's daughter.
6. STUPIDITY is driving 6 cars in a rented apartment.
7. BLIND LOVE is eating onions while the girl eats suya........
8. MADNESS is singing mammy water powerless power when you are on top of a big sea.
9. WICKEDNESS AND WITCH-CRAFTING is removing your friends phone charging at 20 percent and plug your own phone at 85 percent, and still go on to play game with his phone.
10. STUPIDITY AND LOSS OF BRAIN is buying an I phone 7 for a bae you sucked her breast for 3 months, while your mum who you sucked her breast for good 3 years is strapping her touch light phone with a rubber band.
11. PSYCHO is when you are smoking anything light-able, taking anything in form of drugs, injecting yourself just to be high,
12. FOOLISHNESS is taking a #5000 naira cab to watch a #500 naira movie at the cinema.
13. WISENESS Is worshipping God in trueth and in spirit.
14. SURPRISE Is when an okada man marries a bank manager in an elaborate wedding.
15. SHOCK is when your Dwarf husband is forced to go to the children section on a sunday service.

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