Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Jokes: I Can Still Remember....

I can never forget 18th October 2015, exactly one year ago how it all happened... It still hurts me that I won't see you again, I blame myself for your premature death.

I can still remember how we met at computer village Lagos , You were strong, super cool and full of energy when we accepted each other, This life is full of mysteries.

You helped me forget my neighbours when ever they are making noise, You made me listen to your lovely voice till 13th October 2015, shortly before when the sudden unforgettable incident happened.

We were on a motorcycle heading to 2nd gate UNN wen you fell down, I wasn't so fast to catch you when a commercial bus crushed you before my eyes, ooh,, my earpiece.
OH_my_FOLLOW_COME_EARPIECE... There's nothing like follow_come_earpiece ooo..

Missing my_earpiece ..

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