Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Jokes: Mummy Am Hungry

A boy just came back from America after spending 3 years there. One day, he was hungry so he decided to ask his mother for food.

Boy:- Mom am hungry

Mom:- go to the kitchen and eat your Akpu

Boy:-I need fried rice and chicken garnished with salad.

Mom:- then you are not ready to eat

Through out that day he ate nothing.

the next day he went to his mom again

Son:- mom am hungry

mom:- Akpu is in the kitchen

Son:- I need Doughnut cream salad and beverage.

Mom:- You go real hungry today

He ate nothing that day.

The following day he met his mom again

Son:- Mum am hungry

Mom:- I don't have doughnut cream toaster to give to you

Son:- Mummy I don tire... No kill me... na EBA, Akpu, pounded yam and Ogbono soup I won chop ooh.

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