Saturday, 8 October 2016

Jokes: Which Bisi Are You?

A Yoruba girl was dating an Igbo boy whose name was Njideka. When she wanted to introduce him to her mother, she was skeptical  because her mother was highly sentimental about Igbo people. She told him to lie his name is bisi so that the mother might not reject him instantly.

He did as instructed on sighting the girlfriend’s mum. The girl’s mum asked her name and he said “Bisi”. The  mum was so happy that her daughter would like to get married to a Yoruba boy.

Ignoring the Igbo tone in his voice and she said: “what a lovely name you have. your girlfriend’s elder brother too is Adebisi, his Dad is Olabisi and my best friend’s name is Omobisi, which of the Bisi is yours?” 

He was confused and she replied “Ndubisi"

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