Thursday, 27 October 2016

LMAO! Between PDP And APC

This is hilarious... It is normal for a ruling party and opposition party to be at loggerheads on a particular decision but kai this is sort of petty.

So yesterday, PDP went on a rant on twitter expression their disagreement over President Buhari's decision to borrow the sum of $29.960bn abroad.

It was quite lengthy as they took time in expressing their displeasure. While i went into investigation on whether APC responded on twitter, i did not see where they might have replied them.

But one thing must have led to another for PDP to block APC on twitter over the issue.

APC decided to show off picture of their inability to access the profile of PDP Nigeria as they were blocked.

PDP must have realized they should not must have overreacted and decided to remove them from their block list

Final photo below

See Nigerians reaction to this

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