Friday, 28 October 2016

Money No Fit Waste For My Side

1. You buy egg-roll N150, i buy buns N20, boil egg N30, all na N50, all na d same, "money must not waste". 

2. You buy 5 Alive N300; i buy Nutri C N60 (N20 each) and get more litres than 5 Alive "money must not waste". 

3. Nepa cut your wire, you pay N2,000 re-connection fee sharp sharp; me i wait, for night I call electrician, pay am N500 Αnd he fix the wire back, "money cannot waste". 

4. You buy Milo, peak milk and sugar; me I buy cowbell chocolate which already contains everything, "Money no waste". 

5. You pay 5k go watch P.square show, me I buy the pirated CD N100 watch & sing along, money no waste. 

6. You pay N1,000 for cinema buy pop corn N500; I buy 50-in-1 DVD 2H, i dey house dey chop N50 pop corn, movie dey show, "money no easy to get.". 

7. You buy red bull N200 to be strong, me I buy paraga N20, i’m stronger,"money cannot waste". 

8. You buy Don Simon, me i buy zobo add squaddy, all nared wine. 

9. You fix Brazilian hair 100k; I buy xpressions weave-on N350, I finepass you, even sef guys no even know the difference, hahahahaa. 

10. You go club for freedom palace, buy hennesey 40k, me I enter joint for area buy alomo N200 dey feel alright for front of my house… all na flexing and highness, after all na Me enjoy pass. 

11. You pay DSTV 10k to watch match, me I pay N50 for viewing centre: even argue with street boys pass u. 

12. You buy BB torch 85k, me I buy BB Storm (UK) 12k, shebi na ping all of us they ping.. Mtchew. 

13. u dey go Island From mainland. you enter cab N2,500, i enter brt bus N150, no be same place we dey go? 

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