Friday, 28 October 2016

*****NEW SCAM OO!!***** Don't Fall Victim As I Did oooo! .

You will never believe what happened to me today. I still can't get over it. I went to the supermarket by the road side to pick something to eat pending d time I get home. As I was walking to d counter, I noticed this woman starring at me. I looked at her and kept walking to the front to pick bottled water and gala. 

As I picked them and turned, I found the same woman right behind me! I tried to show her some love, so I smiled & said "Good day ma". Then I went on to get a teem bitter lemon drink. . Can you believe the same woman followed me? 

I was getting a little bit nervous and mad because she was following me without saying a thing. But I tried to stay friendly, I just said "Good day ma" again. She finally responded and said:

"I am sorry for starring, but you look just like my youngest son We just buried him two weeks ago" I felt silly for getting mad as I expressed my sympathy to her. She said she was fine as she knows that his Child is with the Lord. 

She then asked me to do her a favour which I obliged. She said "I'm a bit sad that my child never said goodbye to me before passing on". She said i will do something for her. She asked me to get in line behind her so when she's leaving the store, I should say "goodbye mum" so she could have some sense of closure. 

Though her request was weird, I however agreed to grant it. So as she collected her bags from the cashier and walked away, I said "bye mum". She turned and said "bye my son". . When the cashier calculated my stuff, she said the total sum of goods i bought was N18,750. I said what!!! Can u tell me how a N70 bottled water, N50 gala and N100 teem bitter lemon equals N18,750? \

She said "your mum said you are paying for hers too". My mum? I shouted. That woman is not my mother ooo!!!. I quickly rushed out just in time to see the woman approaching the parking lot. I ran after her and was screaming..."excuse me, excuse me!!!". 

She started running. I caught up with her just before she was able to close the door of her cab. . I kept on pulling and pulling her leg, just like I am pulling yours now! You too like gist self. See as u serious dey read....abeg who get pin mouth charger?! Make i charge my phone?! 

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  1. Lol...I just serious dey read am. Bros u still dey use pin mouth phone?