Thursday, 27 October 2016

Oboye!!! Check Out Amazing Transformation Of This Woman, Sarah Ramadan (PICS)

Miss Sarah Ramadan is currently a vlogger and a body builder and shared photos of how she used to look like in 2014 and now. As you can see, the difference is clearer than the motto of 7up.

Reason for her emaciation before was as a result of an eating disorder which made her body reject anything she it. It was so bad that her body organs decided to fail as a result of hunger. She weighed 68 pounds at the time.

Her doctor even told her that she had to live and it and be in a constant struggle of life and death. In her own way, she chose life and decided she would fight it to regain her health.

Though she did not reveal what she did, one can tell she really worked hard to gain the body she has now. Now she suppose fit wrestle with bull.

See another picture below:

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