Friday, 7 October 2016

See How This Guy's Boldness Got Him a Job With Oando PLC

It has become a common trend for people on twitter to ask for favours on twitter by soliciting a certain amount of retweets for them to get what they want. Once they reach the amount of retweet and condition is met, they eventually get their wish.

This is exactly what one Mr. Olayinka did to Oando PLC which the CEO of the company landed him a temporary job to do.

He was told he would get a job if he is able to get a total of 2k retweets for his post, Oando told him that he would not get a full time job but would be given IT job for a month if he goes on with it.

With acute determination, he still went ahead and asked for people to do what he was asked and after much hustle, he successfully gained the amount requested.

This impressed the company and gave him a reply for his audacity and determination to succeed in his ambition. Last last, he was given the one month IT placement and was asked for his details.
 LMAO! OANDO has to come up with a statement just incase people would ask if he would be given a menial job....

Who knows, once he starts, the company might find him invaluable and decide to retain him,,,

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