Saturday, 15 October 2016

You Will Not Believe What The Police Did To This Stranded Lady in Lagos (PICS)

Miss Bisola gave a run down on her social media handle of what the police in Lagos did to her and her colleagues when they were stuck as a result of a flat tire.

It is always the mentality of Nigerians that if the police want to assist you, they would want you to scratch their back for the assistance but instead, see how they cleared her doubts.

Read her statement below:

"So while coming back from work today with four of my colleagues, we had a flat tyre just before 3rd mainland bridge around Simpson's bridge, we all know dat z d wrongest place to have issues with your car, 2 guys already came to us to help. 
Hmm, u know all dose guys na, d next thing we saw one RRS patrol van driving by. Of course we flagged dem down, not cos we believed in dem but just for safety sake. D officer beside d driver stopped and came down. 
My colleague @gbo_lee explained what happened to him and amazingly this guy made
calls, another patrol van came by and he instructed two of the officers to stay with us and the remaining 2 drove my colleague with the tyre to fix it. 
U know another amazing tin, dis same officer already instructed his guys to pay for fixing the tyre, like m still shocked. Dey refused any form of payment. Dey even refused to take pictures, my colleague had to take a sneak pic selfie. 
All dey requested for was for us to share to the public that "police is your friend" we actually did a research and found out that our angel in officer form is none other than the commanding officer of Lagos RRS. 
To think he was humble enough to do all dat, nigeria police has really changed #policeisyourfriend #rrs #lagos #ekoonibaje"

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