Tuesday, 4 October 2016

You Will Not Believe Why Guests Were Allowed To Fondle With The New Bride Bobby (PICS + Video)

In China, part of the rituals involved in the wedding of a bride and groom is to allow free access to male and female guests to caress the bride's melons.

This took place recently in Hainan, Southern part of China. The bride sef seem to be having fun with the whole activity as she was filmed even grabbing a guy's heads and placing it on her chest for him to enjoy the view.

In the video, the guests seem to give her cash after the act... This is part of their ritual which involves giving money for them to have a feel of her.

So just as the way we go about spraying money in Africa, this could be counted as their own form of spraying.

Lol, which guy will not like to always attend this kind of wedding?

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