Sunday, 16 October 2016

You Will Not Believe Why This Man Had His Dog Tattooed (PICS)

Emerson Damasceno, a tattoo artist has caused outrage for placing at least three tattoos in various parts of his pet dog. It is believed to be a form of animal cruelty and this caused tension across social media when he shared the dog picture.

The dog has tattoos on its ears, moth, next to its eyes...

According to him, he claims that the tattoo would protect it from cancer. Not withstanding, he was seriously back-lashed for his action, Daily Mirror reports so.

When he was taking too much heat, he initially took a measure to curtail it by deleting the picture. Before he could do that, those who dubbed it had grabbed their copy.

Later on, Emerson resorted to deleting all social media handles he owns to go low key.

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