Tuesday, 1 November 2016

After Cat Owner Dies, See What This Cat Spent Years Doing (PICS)

A cat witnessed the death of its owner which left it devastated and distraught. Over the past year, the pet decided to stick around its former owner's grave and not leave the site.

One day, a passer-by, Keli Keningau saw the cat and wanted to adopt it for himself. Unfortunately, the cat ran away from his house and returned to the exact location of where its former owner's grave is.

One you will ask how the cat feeds and stuff... The cat ensured that it walks to its former home where it is fed by the old lady's children after which, it would return back to the grave and cuddle the headstone. Hmmm talk about loyalty even after death.

Keli said:

"Since the cat's mother died she has stayed here at the grave. She does not want to go home. She has been here for almost a year."I thought she was homeless and tried to help but every time she wold keep returning to the same place. "I saw her everyday and noticed that she was always there, but sometimes would leave for a couple of hours then come back. I followed her and she was going to the home where she used to live and the lady's children would feed her. "Then the cat would go back again to the same place. She sleeps there and meows. "It's very sad to see. It shows just how close animals are to their owners."  

Hmmmm can humans ever be this loyal?

This is Kelly

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