Friday, 25 November 2016

Check Out Disturbing Pictures Of What Happened To This Kid (PICS)

One would see this gruesome image of this 16 years kid and wonder the type of infection or other skin diseases that might have struck him.

Unfortunately, this is worse than that as tumour has been growing visibly all parts of outside his body for a long time.

Mithun Chauhan, has a rare genetic body of swollen lumps all over his body. Because of this, he is unable to go out in public nor school due to the way his appearance frightens the locales in his place. He is nicknamed 'Ghost Boy' for this.

'Why have the gods condemned me to a life like this?' the teenager said through the inflamed lumps around his mouth.

'It is because of the way I look that my friends have abandoned me. Now nobody wants to play with me.

 'It because of my looks that I cannot go to school or simply take a stroll in the neighbourhood.'

His parents who hail from India narrated the ordeal of their boy before his current demise. According to them, he was given wrong medicine to treat a mole when he was five years of age. The end result led to the massive swelling around him which makes him unable to eat or breathe comfortably.

'After taking the medicine, Mithun's face started swelling. His entire body turned red like copper,' said his father Ramji Chauhan.

It was not until he was taken to Dr Ashwini Dash, that he was diagnosed with neurofibroma, a rare genetic disorder that causes tumours to grow along nerves.

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