Saturday, 12 November 2016

Dog Owner Jailed For Feeding Pet Painkillers and Beating it To Death (Graphic photos)

A 'heartless' dog owner has been jailed for feeding his pet painkillers before beating the animal to death with a shovel.

Graham Williams, 60, tried to kill his German Shepherd called Yarna with asprin and paracetamol because she was suffering with a melon-size tumour.

After his attempts to induce a fatal overdose, he took the dog outside and beat her repeatedly over the head with a shovel to kill her off.

Yarna’s squeals were heard by a witness who alerted the authorities and led to Williams being jailed today.

Williams was told by a judge at Wirral Magistrates’ Court  his four-month prison sentence would have been longer if the law had allowed.

A post mortem revealed that Yarna had suffered multiple blunt force trauma injuries to the head.

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