Friday, 4 November 2016

Guess Which Celebrity is This?

Only clue i can give in this first paragraph is that he is an American artiste. Try small na... E no suppose hard you.

If you are still having wishy washy vision about who he is, he is no other than American rapper, actor and business man, 50 cent.

He posted the picture as a throwback in reminisicing times when he had no money.

He captioned thus:

"I remember this trip, I was already looking around like we need money. All the good shit in the park cost money, we didn't have. I SAID DON'T WORRY, I KNOW HOW TO GET MONEY WE NEED WORK.little man said what's that? I SAID I CANT BE TELLING YOU EVERYTHING OK,He said ok😉. LMAO SHIT WE GOTTA GET ON SMH"

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