Sunday, 6 November 2016

Ladies: Why You Should Not Hook Up With Any Online Guy

Chatting is seriously fun as it can help you get company to drive away boredom. Only problem with it is that in events where you might want to meet one of your online friends, you never can tell the true character of the person until you meet the person. 

If the person turns out to who you never expected, you don enter one chance. Not even one chance bus can catch such a person.

So this lady narrated explicitly on twitter about how she met an guy on facebook and enjoyed his company. She decided to arrange a meeting when everything went fine until things started falling apart.

They hung out until it was dark to the extent she could not get home immediately, she decided to stay at his place where they guy did certain things that made her regret why she even met him in the first instance.

Read how she bought market she couldn't pay back from bottom to the top:

Hopefully he did not r@pe her in the process of trying to settle their misunderstanding. Ladies who are fond of random hook ups, hope una fit learn from this experience????????

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