Saturday, 12 November 2016

Lady Cries Out She Is Single Because Of Richard Mofe Damijo, He Responds

A lady wrote a lengthy letter to Joro Olumofin expressing how popular nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damiji (RMD) is the reason behind her current relationship status of being single.

In an instagram post, she says she has had to turn down many suitors because she dreams of the day RMD would take her as a second wife.

She also says she does not see anything bad in being his second wife and these are all messing with her mind bad bad.

Read letter  

When the letter got viral on social media, the actor decided to make an instagram post in subtly advise her to move on as she is in love with the wrong person.

Read below

On a serious note, life of celebrities ain't easy one it. They always have to deal with one issue or the other about their private life, in public. If na ordinary person now, he go know how he go kill her vibe

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